A note from Author John Philip Riffice about his new book: Dog and Butterfly.

Dog and Butterfly is a product of the author’s firm belief that fate intercedes, for better or worse, in every facet of our lives.  Fate brings us together and often tears us apart.  What we do, when and how we do it… it’s all part and parcel of a grand plan, one which essentially lies beyond any mortal ability to change to our liking.  In the end, though, the pieces of our lives all fit together like a thousand little tiles which make up life’s mosaic.  And it’s only then, only after each tile is set in place, that we can look back and see how the pieces fit and just exactly how one event has to happen just so the next thing can.
Come join the author as he tells the story of how Cam and Jimmy’s lives became, not quite by chance, so inextricably linked and how different their lives would have been had fate not placed them in each other’s lives.

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